Retractable Sail Control System

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There are several ways to order your system. We have a growing number of resellers. We participate in the Annapolis Boat Show in addition to shows organized by Sail America and you can always order directly from us via the web, by fax or phone.

To place an order, first provide us with design information on your boat and then decide which options you want. We custom design each system for your boat and needs.

You can download the Design Sheet.

If you have questions about the system or how it might work with your unique rigging, don't hesitate to call us at 1-844-458-1109. We'll be glad to answer your questions.

Step 1 - Tell us about your boat!

  • We need to know your "E" (foot) and "P" (luff) dimensions of your sail, whether you have single or double/triple spreaders and a few other features about your boat. We have a database of information about most boats, so don't worry if you don't know the details. 

Step 2 - Choose Your Options

  • 1. LINE - What color line? The standard line is white with a blue tracer.
  • 2. CONTROL - Do you want the system to be controlled from mast or cockpit?  Are you only interested in deploying the system from the cockpit, or would you like full control to deploy and retract the system from the cockpit?
  • 3. BULLETS - Do you want mount cheek blocks on the mast or bullet blocks on the spreaders?
  • 4. FASTENERS - What kind of fasteners do you want - machine screws, sheet metal screws, aluminum rivets, or stainless steel rivets?

Step 3 - Send us Your Design Sheet

You can download the Design Sheet.

Fill it out and fax to 1-866-489-1916, or email it to


Base Price

Foot of Sail, E Dimension
3L under 11' 3 lines on each side of boom $289
4L 11'-16' 4 lines on each side of boom $379
HD 16' - 20' 4 lines on each side of boom with heavy duty blocks and control lines $489
HDX over 20' 5 lines on each side of boom, plus heavy duty blocks, other hardware and control lines Price on request



Cockpit Control - Deploy Only 

NEW PRODUCT OFFERING COMING SOON.  This will include a quick release snap shackle to release system from cockpit. TBD TBD
Cockpit Control - Deploy/Retract Includes 15' line extension, retracting lines and hardware except turning blocks.  Allows for cockpit retraction and deployment plus added pair of sail control lines. $129 $139
Extra Line Only Allows for later cockpit control $39 $59
Additional charge for colored line $29 $39
Colored Line Red, green, or blue, w/white tracer
(Available only in 3L and 4L systems )
$69 $99
Solid white $29 $49
Bullet Blocks For spreaders in place of cheekblocks $69 $89
Stainless Steel Rivets Instead of aluminum $15 $19
Plus sales tax for Maryland residents
Shipping and Handling: UPS or USPS Priority mail: $15 - $19 in US$ for US domestic shipments.
Prices are for a complete kit. All line, hardware and fasteners supplied except for fairleads and other items necessary for leading to cockpit. Includes instructions for installation.
Payment: or check


"The entire system is worth its weight in gold. I sail with small kids - no more sail on their heads. The retractable feature is so cool - great idea and application. The best 250 bucks I ever spent on my boat."
-Jeff Rasmussen (Beneteau 35.5), Westborough, MA

"I bought the EZ-JAX at the Annapolis Boat Show. They work great and I can't believe that the other systems are still in business."
-Randy Peterson (Ericson 38), Grosse Ile, MI