Retractable Sail Control System

How Does It Work?


The Only Retractable Lazy Jack!

Some sailors may want to deploy the system while in the slip, untie the sail, and be ready to hoist it when away from the dock and pointed into the wind. Then lower and secure it while sailing. Others may leave it retracted, out of the way, while raising sail and during sailing, until ready to drop the main. A crew member than simply unhooks each side from its keeper at the mast and deploys the system by tightening and recleating the control lines. With the boat heading into the wind, the sail will drop neatly into the system's lines.

With optional cockpit control, the EZ-JAX system can be deployed without leaving the cockpit. Don't be fooled by other manufacturer claims that their system is retractable. Ask them how you deploy it quickly when you need to drop your sail! The EZ-JAX System can be controlled from the same location as your main halyard.

When you are through sailing for the day, tied up or anchored, EZ-JAX is still holding your sail neatly on the boom. You'll be surprised how quickly and easily one person can flake and tie the sail, retract the EZ-JAX, and put the sail cover on.

See the EZ-JAX System in Action

Watch the video below to see how it works!


"I installed your EZ-JAX system three years ago and it was one of the best improvements I have made to my 1985 Hunter 31. EZ-JAX are the only way to go. Your installation instructions are excellent as is the quality and workmanship."
-Alan (Hunter 31), White Stone, VA

"Just thought I'd let you know I really love my EZ-JAX!!
-Lou (Pearson 36), Bellevue, WA