Retractable Sail Control System

Hello Sailors!  The patented EZ-JAX. sail control system retracts neatly and easily below the boom when you are not using it. Most lazy jacks are designed to be left up all the time. Why is this unique feature so important?

  • Eliminates chafing - Your EZ-JAX doesn't touch the sail while you are sailing.
  • No sail or sail cover modifications - Your EZ-JAX will fit neatly under your existing sail cover.
  • Eliminates battens catching - Leave the EZ-JAX retracted when raising your sail, no problem.
  • No interference with awnings - The retracted EZ-JAX is out of the way for above-boom awnings.
  • The EZ-JAX System has up to 4 lines on each side of the boom, depending on boom length. Most lazy jacks have only 2 or 3. More lines = Better Control

The EZ-JAX System will make your sailing easier and safer!